FAQ – Rolling Sharp rotary cutter

1. Why can´t the cutter hurt me?
The cutter’s rolling blade can only work on hard material as it is made of high-tech tungsten carbide,
 a metal almost as hard as diamond. However, it does not work on soft skin.
For your safety, please do not place the material you are cutting on a bony part of the body.
2. Do I get discount if I place a large order?
– Yes, in case if a large order contact, us to find out about the discount
and an estimated quote for postage before purchasing.
– Contact us if your order exceeds
10 units of Rolling Sharp Standard or PREMIUM
15 units for Rolling Sharp Single
3. Can I have free delivery if I buy a large number of units?
Yes, in such a case we provide free delivery service:
for Rolling Sharp STANDARD and SINGLE if the orders exceed 8 units outside Czech Republic.
4. Why can some items be shipped to my country and others not?
We do offer you worldwide shipping and our items are sent from the Czech Republic;
please, contact us for the delivery fee in this case.
5. How do you set shipping price? Can you combine the shipping price when you order different items?
Yes, we can combine the shipping price.
– The shipping price will vary depending on where you are located,
the weight of the items you order and how quickly you require the goods.
– We will refund any amount significantly higher than the cost of shipping,
or trying to find the most economic combination and shipping prices for you.
You can always contact us to know exactly how much the postage will cost you.
6. Are there any extra fees in addition to the total amount?
INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS please be advised that:
– your country may charge Import Fees, Taxes, Tariffs and Duties upon the arrival of your order.
For more information, contact your local customs authority.
– you are responsible for any fees your country or brokerage imposes at the time of delivery.
Please take this into consideration before placing orders.
7. How can I return or exchange the items?
Please contact us if you wish to return or exchange the items within 7 days of their arrival.
Please, note that:
1. The Shipping costs are the responsibility of the seller:
We will send you the new product once we have ascertained that damage is due to delivery.
Please take pictures of the damage at the moment when you receive the items.
2. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the buyer:
If return or exchange is caused by other reasons,
shipping costs will be subtracted from your refund and/or exchange.
You are also responsible for return shipping.
3. Returns to countries outside the EU may not be accepted due to customs fees.
Buyers are responsible for any and all duties & customs charges that may be incurred.
8. What are the conditions of use I should pay attention?  
1. It’s recommended for children over 8 years of age and
 it should be kept away from children less than 3 years old.
2. Combining utility and safety design, the cutter can work on materials under 150p
(about the thickness of 2 office paper sheets)
9. Is the item original invention?
Yes. The invention combines delicate Taiwanese workmanship with high quality German material(tungsten carbon).
It’s patented in many countries such as European Union, Japan, China….

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