The safest cutter for you and your children

Combining delicate Taiwanese workmanship with high quality German material,
a patented invention with unique features. A rolling blade that will not scratch your skin.

Bezpečné řezací kolečko-Rolling Sharp

the unique Features

A safer alternative to dangerous craft knives and blades. A rolling blade that will not hurt anyone, not even your cat
Cut through wide ranges of materials not only paper but also plastic, fabric and wood chip
Creative cutting of any desired shape or form – sophisticated carving moving backwards, forwards and in curves.
A high-tech tungsten carbide rolling blade that lasts longer than steel and will never rust, no more spare blades.

What The Customers Say

My cat likes it and I don't need to worry about him getting hurt. When he feels like it, we can work together. He looks at my hand moving and sometimes even touches the cutter -- exactly the same as can be seen in the video. We can have fun together.​

Určitě to doporučím - Bezpečné řezací kolečko -
JYuyuan Chen

I am retired and I like to work with paper. My eyesight is not so good and this is a perfect cutter that I can use with ease without getting scratched. I would recommend it to every family.

Yuyun chiang
art designer

I am happy that my girl can do the magazine cutting freely. This is her favourite hobby but she is 8 years old and I always worry about her hurting herself with the blade. Using Rolling Sharp is both easy and safe.

johny Wang
interior designer


Most frequent questions and answers

The cutter’s rolling blade can only work on hard material as it is made of high-tech tungsten carbide, a metal almost as hard as diamond. However, it does not work on soft skin. 
For your safety, please do not place the material you are cutting on a bony part of the body.

It is very easy to use. In general, people are capable of using it well in 1 to 15 minutes after practicing. Please see how to use the rotary cutter in our page.

We have found that the groups of customers who are interested in the product include but not limited:
– Parents (purchasing for the children and grandchildren).
– School Directors, teachers.
– Cake makers (using it for decoration and fondant)
– Sewing professionals and non-professionals.
– Customers interested in paper crafts such as decoupage, card making, collage and scrapbooking.
– Professionals and non-professionals engaged in arts, crafts and design.
– Organizations dealing with handicapped people.

We have established that there is a wide range of customers who are interested in the product. They all appreciate what they consider a smart invention.

1. It’s recommended for children over 8 years of age and
 it should be kept away from children less than 3 years old.
2. Combining utility and safety design, the cutter can work on materials under 150p
(about the thickness of 2 office paper sheets)

Yes. The invention combines delicate Taiwanese workmanship with high quality German material(tungsten carbon).
It’s patented in many countries such as European Union, Japan, China and so on.

About us

We are a Taiwanese SME company. The creator and  inventor, Mr. Liu, has devoted his life to the research and development of new idea products.

The Rolling Sharp cutter is a revolutionary invention reflecting the steady improvement of the initial design based on constant evolution.

An heir of Taiwan’s manufacturing sprit of high-tech industry, Rolling Sharp has undergone strict quality control. It has been manufactured in Taiwan using German material and it is the winner of  “RedDot Design Award”.

The product has been patented in Taiwan, Japan, China and the European Union
◎ Patented     
    Registration number: M505454     
    Registration number: ZL 201520409326.X     
    Registration number: 005506326-0001

Contact US

We have truly fantastic products and we would like to introduce it to the world. 

Should you be interested in a partnership, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

The cutter is already popular in Asia and has just started being introduced to the European market

We have also had also experience of sales in Europe countries. 
From the trade fair feedback we have established that there is a wide range of customers who are interested in the product.  Please see
What’s New

1. Know more about the cutter and our services, please visit our site Euro-BizLife.
2. Also visit Cat&Craft to see more products.
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